Agilcon is an approved Salesforce Interaction Studio Partner

Agilcon is an approved Salesforce Interaction Studio Partner

The future of your marketing is real-time personalisation

True personalisation in real time is one of the biggest challenges in modern marketing and at the same time one of the most important levers to take customer experience to the next level. With the help of Salesforce Interaction Studio, Agilcon helps companies deliver one of the most desired goals of user experience –to deliver the right message, on the right channel at any time.

Interaction Studio supports, among others, the following use cases:

Customer Insights

Identify individuals and accounts across digital properties, match anonymous and known users to named profiles, and build more accurate customer records. Capture referring source, geo-location, weather, company, industry, and attributes and transaction data from any source to power machine-learning recommendations.

Monitor digital behavior and combine it with email and offline behavior to gain an understanding of each person’s true interests, affinities, and intent.

Cross-channel engagment

Provide customers with a connected experience with consistent, relevant, and timely communications across digital and offline channels. Guide each customer along the most appropriate path, triggering interactions where they are or in the channel they prefer.

AI powered campaign optimization

Use powerful real-time segmentation and sophisticated AI to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire customers to take action. Present each customer with the next best action or offer, recommend products, content and more based on their unique characteristics and preferences.

A/B/n testing

Take out the guesswork – test different approaches across various channels to find out what works and what doesn’t.

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As true Salesforce multi-cloud experts, Agilcon can maximise the impact of Interaction Studio by not only enhancing marketing processes, but also by enabling powerful sales  and personalised customer service. This makes Interaction Studio a valuable tool across the entire customer lifecycle – from acquisition to retention.

Get in touch with us and discover how Agilcon can support you in realising true real-time personalisation for increased conversions, higher engagement and enhanced customer loyalty.

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