How Will Generative AI in Your CRM Change the Way You Work?

How Will Generative AI in Your CRM Change the Way You Work?

Hello Einstein GPT: How Will Generative AI in Your CRM Change the Way You Work?

Generative AI is revolutionizing our world. Even though it’s still in its early stages, it’s already profoundly impacted how we work and collaborate. Salesforce is at the forefront of this technological shift, so we spoke with Tina Hodkinson, an Account Executive for the Adriatic region, to learn more about how Salesforce is incorporating this technology into its existing platform. Stay tuned.

Customer Centricity at the Core

Salesforce’s DNA is built on customer centricity, driving the company to constantly innovate and improve customer outcomes.

“With the introduction of Einstein GPT, Salesforce is taking customer-centricity to a whole new level – to help agents, salespeople, marketers, and others to be even more productive and efficient by simplifying their daily tasks,” Tina said.

Adding GPT to the existing Einstein AI technology now brings a more conversational and human touch to the valuable business insights Einstein provided till now. Tina explained that the main point here is to have what feels like a dialog, a more human-like interaction with technology. So, what will this look like?

Improving Business Outcomes

The primary objective of Einstein GPT is to simplify routine tasks more efficiently than ever, allowing businesses to focus on more meaningful work.

What are some most beneficial use cases of Einstein GPT in practice?

What can Einstein GPT do for your SALES TEAM?

  • Auto-generate sales tasks like composing emails based on what customers are looking for and which emails have performed well in the past.
  • Make recommendations like suggestions for quick-win deals that are critical to efficient sales processes.
  • Schedule meetings and help salespeople prepare for meetings with executive summaries, critical people data, and historical information.
  • Suggest the best subsequent interaction with clients.
  • Act like a personal data analyst assistant to uncover patterns and relationships in your CRM.
  • Provide critical insights about sales prospects and conduct research.

It does this by analyzing your existing sales and customer data in real-time right in your CRM, where sales and customer data live, helping you modify your sales approach to what works at the moment.

What can Einstein GPT do for your MARKETING TEAM?

What can Einstein GPT do for your MARKETING TEAM?

  • Dynamically generate personalized content to engage customers and prospects across email, mobile, web, and advertising.
  • Assist marketers in creating landing pages and contact forms and even setting up campaigns, making operational work easier.

So, marketers can focus on creating marketing strategies while Einstein GPT helps craft these tools. This can increase customer engagement and personalize marketing efforts, Tina explained.

What can Einstein GPT do for your SERVICE TEAM?

  • Generate knowledge articles from past case notes.
  • Auto-generate personalized agent chat replies to increase customer satisfaction through personalized, human-like interactions.
  • Generate a quick response and include the source of the answer even if a customer asks about a particular product detail.
  • Provide faster insights, more historical data, previous complaints, and praises, and have these results at their fingertips before interacting with a customer. 

Customers will have the feeling of human interaction leading to improved customer experience.

Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

It is well known that new technology always comes with the risk of misuse, especially when there is little or no regulation in a new field – as we have seen in the past. Generative AI can be a significant threat if misused. However, Tina emphasized that Salesforce is intentional about data security and trust, with safety and encryption built into its infrastructure.

The same security layer applies to all features, including Einstein and Einstein GPT. While there may be concerns about misusing AI technology to create fake news or images on a large scale, using this technology in a controlled environment to help with personal tasks and interactions with customers is more manageable. Still, of course, this is my subjective opinion as we don’t have enough data in this field yet”, Tina concluded.

Instead of conclusion

We asked Tina to share a list of her favorite sources of knowledge about AI, technology, and trends. Check it out. 

  • LinkedIn is one of the top sources of knowledge about AI, technology, and trends for the account executive, with a curated feed of global leaders and technology experts, from Elon Musk to Simon Sinek.
  • Bloomberg Technology podcast and YouTube channel provide a bird’s eye view of business and technology, making it another valuable source of information.
  • The Diary of a CEO podcast, hosted by Steven Bartlett, offers insightful interviews with interesting people, adding to the account executive’s knowledge about the latest trends and technologies.