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Meet our team - the heart of Agilcon


Sales Consultant

Petite but dynamic, Antonio is the shortest member of our team in Zagreb. A surveying technician by profession, he spent his entire career in sales and performing as a DJ. After a long absence, he returned to his nest and found his way in Agilcon as a Sales Consultant. He likes good food, but after that he burns his calories on a punching bag. His current obligation (besides work) is making his little son laugh and taking long walks.


Salesforce Developer

Marija is our developer force in Zagreb. She built her career on the development of CRM and ERP systems. A lover of dancing, especially in the living room with her small children, she also enjoys bouldering in her spare time. Her recipe to relax is a good book and practicing yoga. Traveling is her passion and her motto is: “Complete your tasks on time and don’t forget to laugh throughout the process.”


Salesforce Developer

Tilen is a developer at Agilcon. In his free time he enjoys nature albeit walking or running. His favorite cartoon from his childhood is Tom & Jerry. He likes to eat well and enjoys hot and spicy food. The most exotic food he has ever tested is roasted pork brain. If he had a superpower it would be flying, probably to make sure he can stay above  the millipedes which are his greatest fear.


Salesforce Consultant

Dean is a master of several fields – at work, a master of Marketing Cloud implementations, but in the afternoon, he’s a master of karate. Every Friday before work, the master goes on a speed hike to a nearby hill with his colleagues. Dean’s motto is ‘Never lose the child in you’, which he successfully follows with karate training of elementary school children. If Dean could choose a super power, it would be flying, definitely!

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