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Meet Our Team: The Heart and Brain of Agilcon


Salesforce Engineer

Saša, our Salesforce Engineer, a.k.a. “Ninja,” since he possesses a karate black belt, is a die-hard Formula 1 fan and dreams of spending a day as a race driver. Fancying himself as a Mustang for a day, he craves wild freedom and open wilderness adventures

At Agilcon, the mentorship and support fuel his professional journey, inspiring him to pay it forward and nurture others’ growth.


Gecko Solution Consultant

Nel shifted from Biopsychology to IT and now thrives as our Gecko Solution Consultant, crafting solutions with Salesforce’s user-friendly solutions.

At Agilcon, she appreciates the people-focused and flexible culture. Her top moment in Agilcon was the collaborative AI Hackathon. Her advice to her younger self would be: “Value yourself from the start.”


Salesforce Administrator

Natalija, our Salesforce Administrator, petite but fiercely determined and resourceful, lives with gratitude and positivity, cherishing her family and friends.

Her anthem? Sia’s “Original” inspires her to defy norms. Her favorite Agilcon memory so far? Outshining her brother, who is also her co-worker, by leading a joint meeting as a real pro, proving she’s got brains and brawn!


IT & Security Specialist

Marko a.k.a. “Maki”, our IT & Security Specialist, keeps Agilcon’s data safe and secure. He loves Salesforce for its ease and no-code approach, and in Agilcon, he cherishes most the people and culture.

His crowning achievement? Earning Agilcon’s ISO 27001 certification showcasing his dedication and learning. Maki’s career advice? Act boldly, never surrender, and balance your hobbies.


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