The growth and development of your business should be appropriately followed by the development of you Salesforce Platform. Therefore our Customer Success offers user assistance and further application development. Our Customer Success experts will assist you in maximising the advantages of your Salesforce.

Customer Success Services

Increase the ROI of your Salesforce

Your satisfaction and business success are key priorities for Agilcon and Salesforce. We believe this can only be achieved if the objectives set by you are met or exceeded in order to achieve this, we emphasize close cooperation and long term support.

In Agilcon we offer Help and Support services in order to further assist you in the use and further development of Salesforce. This is essential to our customers in order to get:

  • a better user experience and greater user satisfaction,
  • a more efficient sales performance, support and marketing processes,
  • a better ROI on your Salesforce investment.

What are the cornerstones of our Customer Success Services?


We are here to guide and help you on your journey of implementing Salesforce solutions from the beginning to post Go-Live support. We train your users and prepare instructions all in an effort for a smoother and more successful adaptation of Salesforce applications.


As your business environment changes, it is key that your CRM has the flexibility to keep up with the pace. Salesforce flexibility allows you to stay aligned between your business ambitions and technology.


Good Salesforce practices are a key to your success. In order to ensure this success, our consultants perform “a health check” to ensure that your Salesforce is used in accordance with good practices


Three-times a year the application is upgraded with new functionalities that will enhance your user experience further. We ensure that the upgrade is safe and does not disturb your system operations.


As part of our valued customer community we want to ensure you are constantly up to date with new Salesforce features and opportunities as well as the strategic direction Salesforce is heading.


Together we will determine what type of customer success your company requires. We offer basic as well as advanced packages that are tailored to your specific business needs.

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