Data security and compliance are built into our culture and processes

Data security and compliance are built into our culture and processes!

With a successful ISO 27001 certification in 2022, we are not only the leading Salesforce partner in the region when it comes to experience and customer success but also security practices. This applies to our Gecko HRM, an all-in-one solution built on Salesforce as well.

So, why is data security our first and foremost priority? We are not just tackling trivial tidbits but managing sensitive customer and employee data.

That is why we are taking all the precautions to keep our customers’ data secure and making it easier for them to stay compliant.


Top security practices are our holy grail, as we know it is business critical to our customers

At Agilcon we do not allow any trade-off when it comes to reliability, security, and compliance of our solutions. Being part of the outstanding Salesforce community as the leading partner in the Adriatic we have security awareness and data safety built into our culture and our processes.

How do we manage to keep the level of trust, security and safety high?

Strengthening and regularly upgrading the entire system is necessary due to the ever-increasing importance of cyber security, on which the operation of the company and its customers depends.

As reported in Salesforce Top Data Security Trends for 2022 report, the average cost of a data breach stands at a staggering 3.7 million to 4.1 million Euros. So it’s no wonder that loss of revenue due to cyberattacks worries IT leaders. They also express significant concerns over losing critical operating data and intellectual property.

However, the Salesforce report’s situation is slightly different in regulated industries — such as finance, banking and insurance, educational services, and healthcare services. They are more concerned about reputational damage and loss of trust. This reflects the catastrophic compliance and customer-privacy risks of losing the highly sensitive data these sectors manage.

As reported in Salesforce Top Data Security Trends for 2022, IT leaders across the board expect the finance, government, and healthcare sectors to be most targeted by cyberattacks. However, qualitative feedback indicates hope for more and better tools to predict and eliminate threats.

So, if your organization needs to meet extra security and compliance requirements due to industry regulations or other reasons, we have good news.

Salesforce ensures our customers benefit from the following:

  • the platform’s stringent information security,
  • various role-based security,
  • access options that provide only the right people can view sensitive data,
  • and audit controls that enable admins to track what is accessed and edited, by whom, and when.

ISO 27001 is an indicator we will handle your data with great care

To stay competitive in a digital-first world, organizations must be able to innovate anywhere, automate anything, scale everything, and, most importantly, empower everyone.

But doing so requires IT governance at scale and the highest levels of IT security and compliance.


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