AdriatiCON 2023: Your Business, Powered by Future

icon 09. November 2023
icon 07:00
icon Kaptol Boutique Cinema

Thank you for being with us at the second edition of the AdriatiCON! Agilcon and Salesforce regional conference 2023 was held under the slogan “Your Business, Powered by Future”.

On the 9th of November 2023, Zagreb’s Kaptol Boutique Cinema became the hub of technological innovation and business insight as it hosted AdriatiCON 2023, the second annual regional conference organized by Agilcon in partnership with Salesforce.


This year, we welcomed over 20 expert speakers from the Salesforce and HR communities, who shared their expertise, innovative ideas, and the latest breakthroughs in CRM and HRM solutions with more than 200 attendees across the region.

AdriatiCON 2023 was packed with insightful keynotes, an engaging panel, and real-life case studies. The participants delved deep into contemporary business challenges. They explored future opportunities, focusing on the impact of AI in business processes and the evolving role of HR in a tech-driven landscape.

Highlights included a special keynote from Hrvoje Supić, Area Vice President of Salesforce CEE, and an insightful HR-focused keynote by Marko Perme, CEO of Agilcon.

Attendees also had the unique opportunity to see live demonstrations of the latest Salesforce innovations and Gecko HRM technology, providing a hands-on experience of the tools shaping the future of business.

Don’t miss our photo library capturing the best moments of AdriatiCON 2023 below. ⬇⬇⬇

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Barbara Podlogar
Sales & Marketing Director

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