Let's see how we grow and learn!

Let’s see how we grow and learn!

To do our best, we have to be our best. So, everyone who works with us gets full support to develop and enhance knowledge, skills, and career.

We are excited to create value by sharing knowledge with our employees, clients, and community. Not just twice a year. But every single day.

We nurture our learning culture with great care.

We offer a broad range of opportunities for our people to learn.

With us, you get structured onboarding, mentoring, and the opportunity to complete Salesforce certifications. And we also prepare yearly individual development plans. Therefore our colleagues can use 4 hours weekly to broaden their horizons and acquire knowledge inside working hours.

Through our internal training programs, external courses, or on-the-job coaching, we want our people to have the skills and knowledge to drive their development. Uplifting and investing in our talent is one of our top values.

At Agilcon, we focus on building your career.

When you join us, we do our best to empower your drive and help you exceed expectations.

From day one. We want you to be satisfied, prospering, and can see your career taking shape from the beginning of your journey.

On your first day, you’ll get a buddy. Someone to show you around, tell you who the office pranker is, and take you for a cup of coffee or tea. It’s important to know where the team gets their boost for a proper start of the day. And if you’ve got questions, buddy will be there to help. Getting you familiar with the company culture and your team.

You’ll also meet your Team Lead, who’s likely to be your mentor. A senior member of staff who will guide you and help you learn faster than you’d be able to do on your own. They’ll show you the professional chords and how to play them, help you develop your career, and broaden your horizons.


This kind of uplifting of our talents turned out very well for us. We have some of the most skilled members in the global Salesforce community on our crew. Among others, Certified Technical Architect (CTA) – the highest certification and ultimate test of all Salesforce credentials. CTA’s are regarded as the absolute elite amongst Salesforce professionals, who have mastered the knowledge and possess excellent technical, consulting and communication skills.

We want to ensure that the development plans you create when joining the company stay relevant for you. That’s why you’ll have biannual performance reviews and monthly 1:1’s with your team lead.

Your career with us will never be limited just by gender, age, or work experience. What matters is you, your drive and choice to grow and thrive with us.

Why is the decision to build your career in the cloud a good idea?

Salesforce is the world’s most trusted cloud-based application platform and market leader in cloud technology and innovation. We are delighted to be the only Salesforce partner in Slovenia and the leading partner in the Adriatic.

This partnership gives us a unique opportunity to use, learn and develop the world’s best practices and tools in the Salesforce ecosystem. In this unique industry, professionals from any background can learn technical IT skills and land a job. Though riding solo is not always fun, right? At Agilcon we add a great team and culture to help you develop your skills and abilities.

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