Salesforce Adriatics Industry Series: Retail

Salesforce Adriatics Industry Series: Retail

Delight your shoppers with personalized omnichannel experience!

iconWhen? November 19th 2020 at 10:30
iconWhere? ZOOM.US Webinars
Language: English

Learn how you can make every retail moment extra special

Retail is currently going through a cosmic shift focusing on new marketing strategies, omni-channel and faster, more personalized service to customers. The pace of change within the industry and in the marketplace can be overwhelming so now is the time for thoughtful planning and engaging your creative forces.

In this exclusive webinar we will walk you through the trends rocking the world of retail and show you what you can do to deliver fantastic omni-channel experience for your customers:

  • drive awareness and acquisition with smart targeting and personalized marketing messages
  • collect data and have a 360º view of your customer
  • use data to deliver the right offer, at the right time in the right channel at scale
  • deliver faster, smarter customer service across any channel, from SMS and messaging apps to phone and email
  • examine technologies that enable personalized communication in multiple channels

You will also hear insights from our customers who have successfully implemented technologies that enable omni-channel experience and what were their experiences.

This webinar is free for all participants. Join us!

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10:30 -10:35


10:35 -10:55

Future of MarketingAlexandru Ursu (Regional Account Manager – Marketing Cloud @Salesforce)

Alex will show you how Marketing Cloud works and answer questions:

  • How do you orchestrate multiple campaigns, channels and automate your marketing activities in Marketing Cloud by Salesforce?
  • How can you personalize your message and target the right customers at the right time?
10:55 – 11:10

Deliver Great Customer Service in Any ChannelMiha Hrastel (Salesforce Solution Consultant, Agilcon)

Miha will show you how Service Cloud works and answer questions::

  • How you can achieve 360 view of your customers?
  • How can you engage with your customer on multiple channels?
  • How can you scale your support efforts by connecting customers to knowledge articles and embed AI-powered chatbots?
11:10 – 11:20

Guest Speaker: Peter Curk (Marketing Director, Petrol)

Our guest will talk about Petrol’s experience with omni-channel marketing:

  • How is Petrol gathering data and how it is used in marketing
  • How does omni-channel work in Petrol and what are the biggest challenges
  • Ambitions for the future
11:20 -11:30

Q & A

Meet the Speakers

Alexandru Ursu

Regional Account Manager – Marketing Cloud

Miha Hrastel

Salesforce Solution Consultant

Peter Curk

Marketing Director