Webinar - Salesforce release updates

As part of regular Salesforce release updates, we invite you to join us at a short Webinar where we will present news in Summer '19 & '20, Winter '20 & '21 and Spring '20 releases

Webinar ENG – Salesforce release: Summer 2019 & 2020, Winter 2020 & 2021 and Spring 2020

Salesforce release news: Summer 2019 & 2020, Winter 2020 & 2021 and Spring 2020

iconWhen? Tuesday, December 8th 2020 at 13:00
iconWhere? ZOOM.US Webinars
Duration: 1h
Language: English

With as many as three system upgrades per year, Salesforce is constantly developing and expanding its functionalities. We have selected the ones we think would be the most interesting for you.

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Webinar content

Salesforce Flow: a revamped and improved process tool that allows Salesforce administrators to declaratively automate processes and create advanced masks to display and capture data.

Dynamic Forms / Actions: on an individual record, we can now specify which fields should appear on a particular tab depending on another field (e.g., if field A is filled in, field B should be displayed).

Einstein Lead / Opportunity Scoring: until the last upgrade, the paid service is now available free of charge to all Salesforce users.

Updated Email Builder: an updated Builder is available for creating Email templates in Salesforce and Pardot.

Update of Global Search & “Einstein Search”: a new search engine that displays more information is available. Additionally, Einstein Search is available for free, displaying improved results in the context of the user (what he has searched for in the past, etc.).

…and a bunch of other fun stuff.