Learn how Tehnomanija stays a step ahead with Salesforce

SUCCESS STORY: By putting shoppers at the heart of its business, Tehnomanija keeps winning

By putting shoppers at the heart of its business, Tehnomanija keeps winning!

Tehnomanija uses unified data to keep up with the demands of the modern marketplace

Creating personalised experiences is the mission of Igor Sabljak, Customer Experience Manager in Tehnomanija, the biggest retailer in Serbia, specialising in selling electronic goods and home appliances. Igor’s role in the company is to take care of „all things customer“ as he puts it. His rich experience from industries such as telecoms and betting industry is helping transform the traditional, siloed retail industry.


In last few years customer behaviour and expectations have drastically changed. Customers expect a more personal, proactive approach from companies as well as great service in all touchpoints, especially on digital and remote channels which are growing in significance all the time.

Tehnomanija, as a leader in selling electronics goods in Serbia, was a traditional, siloed company, very much product-focused. As the leader on the market, they are constantly growing and expanding their product and services portfolio. They have come to realise that this growth has to be supported by a meaningful transformation of the business model and technological innovation.

In this short video [3:06], learn how Tehnomanija implemented Salesforce and what this meant for their customers and employees.

Let’s take a look at how Tehnomanija is using Salesforce to move from the traditional retailer to omnichannel leader and what role did Agilcon play in this process.

1. Create "one Tehnomanija" – a single source of truth of customers for everyone in the company.

Tehnomanija needed a single source of truth for its team members and partners to deliver a premium customer experience in all channels. To accomplish this, we needed to unify information from various systems. Additionally, as Tehnomanija was going through a significant digital transformation, this unification had to consider future, planned technologies that have not been implemented yet.

The goal was to create “ONE Tehnomanija” from both an internal and external perspective — a single source of truth that would:

➡ provide service agents with the visibility to resolve customer cases quickly,
➡ inform intelligent and prescriptive marketing journeys, and
➡ uncover new sales opportunities.

Most of all, having unified data would allow Tehnomanija to retain and surface vital customer information as the organisation continues to scale regionally. With internal teams united around the customer, the company could meet their expectations for personalised service at scale.


2. Increase scale and productivity to deliver on customer expectations.

For Tehnomanija, keeping customers satisfied and loyal is the key to long term company success. In order to do this, they have implemented Salesforce Service Cloud which enables them to integrate their service to the customer end-to-end and deliver on customers’ expectations for fast, personal, and responsive shopping. At the same time, Tehnomanija is getting ready to keep pace with expected e-commerce growth.

By bringing customer data across different platforms (marketing, commerce, and service), together in a single source of truth,  agents can resolve customer cases quickly, inform new marketing journeys based on service interactions, uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


3. Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud brought tangible business results very soon.

On Black Friday 2021 Salesforce was put to test and performed very well. Black Friday for any retail company is one of the most demanding sales and marketing dates in the year. You have to be able to handle a large number of calls, requests and transactions from all channels. For Tehnomanija call centre this job had been easier because Salesforce Service Cloud enabled them to manage all requests in one central application.

Since agents have been able to access relevant customer information fast, the service level was well over 90% which meant that with the same number of agents Tehnomanija call centre was able to respond to almost all callers in less than 20 seconds.

Further, the sales conversion rate went up from last year’s 10% to 20%. These great results exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

4. Well-prepared implementation and the right implementation partner are necessary for the success of the project.

When you undertake a project of this size and ambition, it is natural that you are faced with many unknowns and risks. As do many companies, Tehnomanija has also calculated the return on investment, risk vs gain, how Salesforce will fit into the existing and future tech-stack and whether they have foreseen all scenarios in order to fully utilise this technology. 

In order to tackle all these issues, Tehnomanija was searching for the right partner and has chosen Agilcon as an implementation and consulting partner because they believed that Agilcon’s competence and experience can help them to design key processes for the implementation.


5. Next phase: Delivering customer relevant, personalised marketing messages with Marketing Cloud.

Tehnomanija’s vision is very clear – to become one of the most significant e-commerce players on the regional market. They understand that for this to happen they will have to meet different shopper preferences. With so many products to choose from in the Tehnomanija portfolio, it’s important to not only show the right products to the right customer, but deliver them at the right time.

To reach its audiences, Tehnomanija is implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud  to build complex customer journeys, sophisticated email campaigns, and engaging SMS programs that allow it to communicate with consumers with the right offer, at the right time, through the right channel.


Using Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Tehnomanija is able to better understand consumer preferences across all touchpoints and use that data to personalise customer interactions and build unique experiences.

As an experienced partner with a great team of experts, Agilcon can help you enhance your commercial processes and enable powerful sales and personalised customer service.

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