How to win B2B sales with personalised approach?


Webinar: How to win B2B sales with personalised approach?

How to win B2B sales with personalised approach?

iconWhen? March 25th 2021 at 13.30
iconWhere? Youtube
Duration: 1h
Language: English

Building relationships and making things grow are two things that all companies want. But it is not very easy to ensure. The world of B2B sales is changing and companies have begun to notice that traditional selling methods, such as face-to-face selling and cold calling, do not provide the desired sales results. However, the coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on business relationships and also made us rethink our relationship to technology. It turns out that companies, which were considering digitalisation of processes before all of this happened, including their social media presence, now have a great competitive advantage.

Selling to the business market was never simple. The sales process is normally a lot longer and more complex than when selling to consumers, but at the same time it can be very difficult to learn who is the final decision maker. So the buying process has now changed:

  • An average of 5.4 people are now involved in the average B2B buying decision.
  • 75% of buyers now use social media to be more informed on vendors.
  • 90% of decision makers say they never respond to a cold outreach.
  • B2B buyers engage with vendors through an average of 6 distinct channels, and find their buying decisions influenced by information from hundreds of different sources.
  • Social networks are used in B2B buying decisions.

We are going to talk about practical aspects of this topic with our guest speakers, who are going to provide some advice on what actually works in a real B2B world and how to tackle the digitalisation of process in a company.

This webinar is free for all participants. Join us!

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Meet the panelists

Lovro Peterlin

Managing Director at A1 Slovenija

Lovro Peterlin is a managing director at A1 Slovenija. Before filling this position he was the CEO of Linea directa, a subsidiary company of Studio Moderna, that deals with call centers, sales, and creating a perfect shopping experience for more than 350 business partners and it is also present in 19 markets in Eastern and Central Europe. With varied international experience and valuable years of practice in business development and modern leadership methods, especially in the management of generation Y, he has shared his knowledge with numerous entrepreneurs and is counseling international companies in the field of sales and marketing.

Miha Lavtar

Founder and CEO of Optiweb

Miha Lavtar is the founder and CEO of Optiweb, as well as being a consultant and mentor for building companies and teams. He began his entrepreneurial career early, at the age of 19. By the end of primary school, he set up the first website, which he completely renovated at least 5 times over the years, thus gaining a lot of experience in programming and search engine optimization. Today, he is still in love with entrepreneurship, which has become his lifestyle. He built Optiweb, as well as the Videa brands and other smaller projects such as Blatfejst, Epicam, etc.

Miha Hrastel

Salesforce Solutions Consultant at Agilcon

Miha Hrastel is currently focused on being the person who identifies & understands the customer’s needs and, most importantly, translates them into Salesforce “language”. He works as a Trusted Advisor, who designs the solution based on their wishes, needs, and requirements. He specialised at understanding their business, managing their expectations, knowing what they are trying to achieve, and most importantly — why! Furthermore, he believes that the best solution comes from asking yourself (and the customer) enough “why’s” and “how’s”. If these questions are answered, designing the right solution is just a “formality”.

Ana Veir

Head of Customer Facing Enablement at Infobip

Ana Veir is one of the pioneers of sales development in the region. She is an experienced sales professional, specialising in implementing sales strategies, defining and executing sales methodologies and tactics as well as defining how sales results are tracked and reported. After 13 years working for IBM as a sales consultant she took on a role of Head of Customer Facing Enablement in Infobip. Today, she is working with a team of several hundred salespeople worldwide and helping Infobip grow and become one of the most innovative companies in the world, not just in product development but in sales and marketing tactics as well.