What Does a Solution Consultant Do in Agilcon?

What Does a Solution Consultant Do in Agilcon?

Did you know that as a consultant at Agilcon, you play one of the most impactful customer-facing roles?


You have the power to drive digital transformation across various departments and industries on some of the most challenging digitalization projects in the region while mastering a single platform.

Just like a Swiss knife, a consultant at Agilcon navigates one platform to address a wide range of needs and challenges. Salesforce CRM and our Gecko HRM product, based on Salesforce technology, aren’t just about managing customer and employee relationships; they’re about reshaping how businesses interact with their entire ecosystem.


Now, if you’re wondering where to find more information about who we are and what we do, here it is.

Agilcon is Slovenia’s exclusive Salesforce partner and a key player in the Adriatic region. We’re experts in automating business processes using various Salesforce solutions and enhancing employee management with Gecko HRM, our Salesforce-based HR solution. Check out our previous blogs for a deeper understanding of “Who we are?” and “What we do?”.

So, our consultants are strategic partners in digital transformation projects, equipping businesses with innovative solutions to proactively shape their digital strategies. Ready to discover what sets the role of a consultant at Agilcon apart?


All You Need to Know About the Consultant Role at Agilcon

Alright, let’s break it down. As a Salesforce Consultant at Agilcon, your job is to make sure Salesforce solutions and our Gecko HRM fit the client’s needs like a glove and can grow with them. To do so, you must understand their challenges and recommend best practices and strategies to maximize the solution’s effectiveness and fit it into each company’s unique way of doing things. 


This role is all about being a tech whiz, a people person, and a problem solver. It’s perfect for you if you’re good at handling fast-paced work, like interacting with people to find common goals, and love using some of the coolest tech out there.

Two Teams, One Mission: Building Great Solutions for Our Customers

At Agilcon, we structure our consultants into two teams, each focusing on its product area.

Salesforce Delivery team works with the Salesforce platform that powers the entire suite of applications (for marketing, sales, commerce, and service).

Gecko HRM Delivery team develops and implements our modern HRM solution, also built on Salesforce platform. It helps companies improve how they manage, develop and engage their employees.

What's a Consultant at Agilcon Responsible For?

Job of a consultant is to ensure each customer gets the best out of the Salesforce platform and our Gecko HRM solution. Every project is unique, so they start with an initial business analysis, and at the other end, they offer continuous support and improvement opportunities.


All along, they’ve got to know their stuff in sales, service, marketing or HR – this helps them spot customer pains and develop and implement smart solutions. And building trust with customers by providing exceptional consultancy.

Breaking Down Key Responsibilities at Each Stage of Being a Consultant in Agilcon.

What It Takes: Skills and Qualifications for a Salesforce Consultant

From our experiences, a successful Salesforce and Gecko consultant should possess the following skills and qualifications:


  • Robust written and verbal communication skills with the power to talk about complex technical points to non-tech stakeholders. Caliber to effectively communicate with customers, including showcasing complicated solutions precisely and clearly. Excellent interpersonal skills and the talent for building relationships with team members and clients. Caliber to lead presentations and meetings with both non-techies and technical audiences. 

  • Robust understanding of business processes and the caliber to discover technical solutions analyzing business needs. Know about industry-specific business challenges and how to use Salesforce or Gecko to beat them. Capable of assessing the impact of transformation on business processes and identifying improvement opportunities.

  • Understanding of Salesforce Ecosystem of products and Salesforce Platform, (including its components, like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and AppExchange). Hold experience in Salesforce and Gecko HRM configuration, custom Salesforce development, and Salesforce integration with other systems. Understanding of Data modeling, SQL, knowledge of data management and data migration strategies. Understanding of Visualforce, Apex, and Salesforce Lightning Components. Know the Salesforce/Gecko HRM Security Model and user access management. 

  • Follow analytical and best approach to solve issues by identifying and implementing practical solutions. Well-versed with debugging tools and troubleshooting techniques. Understand complicated problems and emerge with practical solutions to resolve them. 

  • Focus on customer satisfaction and deliver high-quality results. Respond to customer queries and solve issues promptly.

Why Is It So Great to Work with Salesforce Technology?

Working with Salesforce technology as a consultant offers the unique opportunity to constantly engage with cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions, enabling businesses to revolutionize their customer relationships and operations.

The versatility and scalability of the Salesforce platform allow consultants to tailor solutions for a diverse range of industries, providing endless opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation. Moreover, Salesforce’s commitment to continuous evolution and its vibrant, supportive community creates an environment of lifelong learning and professional growth for consultants.


Interested in Launching Your Consultant Career?

Starting a career as a consultant doesn’t require extensive prior knowledge. What’s crucial is a passion for digitalization, optimizing business processes, and solving problems.

At Agilcon, we often kickstart consulting careers with an Admin role where no previous expertise is needed – just a drive to learn and innovate!

How Can I Grow as a Consultant at Agilcon?

At Agilcon, a variety of career trajectories are open to Salesforce consultants, tailored to their unique interests, abilities, and ambitions. With the appropriate mix of experience and skill, Salesforce consultants can advance to senior consulting roles, lead teams, or specialize as experts in distinct facets of the Salesforce platform, depending on their career goals.



Where to Start?

Trailhead is our favorite learning platform. Why? Bite-sized, conversational content makes learning complex topics easy to understand and is personalized by roles and level. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got just the thing – one of our previous blogs about how to tackle Salesforce certifications. Certification is a great way to demonstrate your comprehension of specific areas of Salesforce.

If you seek some official confirmation of your proficiency level as a consultant, Agilcon offers an opportunity to obtain the official Salesforce certification. It is a responsibility and a perk at the same time.

These certificates are basic for any Salesforce Consultant:

Detailed info on certification can be found on the official certificates page for more info you can also research possible Consultant Career Path here.

Last year, we kicked off our Gecko certification, which tests your knowledge of Flash, our in-house solution. No worries. You tackle this challenge after some time learning to use Flash. What is it? With Gecko Flash, you tell Salesforce technology how some components should look and define their permissions. It’s a middleman between the consultants and the code—a format in which we give directions for combining components to create solutions.

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If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our HR team, Elena and Nina. They are always ready to help.




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