So, ready to hear what we actually do?

So, ready to hear what we actually do?

Agilcon is not just a software company. We are a team that creates experiences to help our clients do amazing work.

Of course, we love building great software (khm, does that make us nerds?). And love to see how our solutions make our client’s teams more efficient. And we always – well, most of the time, have a lot of fun as we do it.

Curious to hear more about what we’re up to here at Agilcon? Read on!

Straightforward, our core business is implementing CRM and HRM solutions.

While doing that, we are genuinely committed to understanding the unique needs of different companies and always try to address their most significant pain points. No matter the size or industry.

We are also striving to uphold high standards, and we know we can achieve that with the development and education of our team. We are proud to have over 150 Salesforce certifications and more than 50 certified individuals. Cheers to each and every one of us!

What does the Agilcon crew actually look like?

At its core, the Agilcon workforce consists of two key delivery teams, each responsible for its area of building business applications on Salesforce platform.


Salesforce Delivery Team works with Salesforce platform that powers the entire suite of applications (for marketing, sales, commerce, and service).

Also known as CRM solutions. So that our clients can deliver an excellent Customer Experience.

A CRM system allows businesses to manage and support customer and prospect relationships with data, giving organizations a complete picture across the customer lifecycle.

It’s an important update from notepads, paper forms and reports, and billions of excel sheets.

Being a (sales) manager you want to have one sales process that the whole team follows. You want one data storage and one tool for all the analytics across the company in real time. And voila, that magic tool is called CRM.

And that is not all! Salesforce also supports other business processes that are closely related to sales. With Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, you will get one outstanding tool to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Gecko HRM Delivery Team develops and implements our modern HRM solution, also built on Salesforce platform.

It helps companies transform how they manage, develop and engage their employees. Gecko HRM automates and streamlines HR processes so that our clients can create an outstanding Employee Experience.

Gecko HRM is a modern all-in-one solution that powers productivity, engagement, and retention.

From out-of-the-box onboarding, workflows, performance management and compensation management to integrations with leading providers, Gecko HRM gives teams everything needed to operate efficiently.

One platform to manage time, talent, performance, and culture!

To sum up, a client’s success is our success, plain and simple.

We work closely with them to ensure they get the most out of our products. We’ve got them covered whether they need a CRM system customized to their industry or a comprehensive HRM platform that can handle all their employee data.

Our solutions help people deliver great results in many industries, large and small, ranging from consumer goods, public sector, retail, and manufacturing, to financial services, hospitality, and beyond. Check out some of the most recent success stories here.

The best platform to build business on. Period.

Salesforce is the World’s most trusted cloud-based application platform and market leader in cloud technology and innovation.

It is designed to help businesses find prospects, close deals, and wow customers with amazing service. In 2023 over 150.000 companies, from small to Fortune 500, are flourishing on a secure, scalable Salesforce cloud platform.

Salesforce is also the global leader in CRM. For the eighth consecutive year, it has been ranked the #1 CRM provider by International Data Corporation (IDC). In addition to being the #1 CRM provider worldwide, Salesforce is also the #1 market share leader for CRM in North America, Western Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific (including Japan).

Well, those are some achievements, right? And it makes us proud and excited to be a part of the outstanding Salesforce community.

Agilcon is the only Salesforce partner in Slovenia and the leading partner in the Adriatic region.

This partnership gives us a unique opportunity to use, learn and develop on the world’s best practices and tools. Besides the excellent product line and opportunity to learn from the best, we also share Salesforce’s legendary culture. We insist on making positive changes in everything we do and build our success by being passionate about what we do. Team spirit, passion, and well-being have always been front of mind, alongside the other core values of trust, innovation, and customer success. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it gets even better.

No matter if you are brand new to Salesforce and have never heard of them, it is easy for everyone with the right drive to skyrocket their career with Salesforce’s outstanding learning platform. Everyone can join and become a Trailblazer.

We have exciting projects lined up for prominent Slovenian, regional and international clients

Although it seems at first glance that every next project can be similar to the last one, when implementing CRM or HRM solutions, this is actually (and luckily) far from the truth. Each client is unique in its own way. The diversity of the projects our team works on is one of the things that makes being a part of the Agilcon team so interesting and exciting.

So how do we tackle the projects? Each client has his own wishes, needs, and requirements, obviously. And quite special sales, service, marketing, IT, or HR processes to manage.

  • The first thing to do is assess the project’s complexity and scope and assign the winning team that will make some magic happen.
  • These teams usually consist of (Salesforce or Gecko HRM) consultant(s), project manager(s), and developer(s). Some precise planning is required here since it takes up to 6 months to complete a project on average.
  • In the next step, Agilcon’s and the client’s team put their heads together.
  • Then, through the workshops, they identify all the specific needs and requirements that must be addressed in the final solution and create the project outline.
  • Finally, when we all are on the same page about the desired outcome, our project team jump in, take over the steering wheel, and get the project to the finish line.

Sounds fun? Want to join us on the ride?


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