We change organizations for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships - connecting businesses with customers, employers with employees, and people with purpose. Our CRM and HRM experts are here to help guide your transformation journey, uniting marketing, sales, commerce, service, HR, and IT teams with world-leading Salesforce technology.

Who we are

We realize that a superior technology is only half the story of our and your success. The heart of a successful relationship are our employees. Therefore we at Agilcon pay special attention to the selection and development of our coworkers, we emphasize a high degree of professionalism, passion and motivations when working with our customers.


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Meet our Team

We are proud of our team culture with employees who help each other grow and develop on a daily basis. We realize how important our employees are and that they are truly the heart and soul of our company and its success. We encourage a relaxed atmosphere, positive and good relations not only at work but also outside the office. Laughter, goodwill and social interactions are key, for example employees eat together and on Friday’s make pancakes in our office kitchen. This all contributes to our focus on “team building” and “team bonding”.

Values on which our success is built

  • Driven by curiosity and passion, we teach and guide, we understand and connect – knowledge, people, teams and individuals.

  • We are accountable and a trustworthy partner; always dedicated to our promise – to each other and to our customers.

  • We are confident about our knowledge and understanding of the business environment,  we build on reliable technology and deliver sustainable solutions.

  • We create added value for our customers, employees and the company – by professional approachsmart decisions, constructive problem solving and creative solutions.

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