Salesforce is much more than CRM. It’s a customer success platform with infinite possibilities of adapting and developing applications for various business needs. Gecko HRM is an excellent example of a successful application built on top of the platform.

Your Processes – IT

The future of your business is digital

In order to efficiently execute digital strategies, your organization needs two essential ingredients: TECHNOLOGY which allows you to build modern applications for customer and employees, and AGILITY, to quickly adapt to the ever changing market environment.

Salesforce is the world market leader in cloud technology and innovation. As a cloud solutions provider, they rely on high standards for speed, reliability, security and legal compliance. With 3 updates per year, you will always be on the latest version, avoiding time consuming and expensive upgrades. Salesforce also leads in the field of PaaS (platform-as-a-service), which enables maximum flexibility in adapting to the needs and requirements of your company.

Do not limit yourself to CRM. Embrace Salesforce to develop any process in your organization. Why?

Connect to any backend or frontend system

Create a complete customer profile
by integrating your backend systems,
IoT and mobile data to build a
comprehensive application.

Easily adapt and enhance any business process

Use the power of the configuration tools and build the application without any code! Satisfy the user needs: from the adapted user experience and automation of work, to the functionality of an artificial intelligence.

Product Enhancements, three-times per year

Salesforce is upgraded with new features and functionality three-time per year (autumn, spring, and summer releases). All releases are available to you as well, such as improved AI, new functionalities, security and much more …

Add-On Apps for Salesforce Platform

Further enhance your application with thousands of tested and certified Apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce platform built-in security and trust

Ensure advanced security capabilities on all levels – infrastructure, network, and the application itself.

Cloud Solution providers build their business model on trust and security.

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Barbara Podlogar
Sales & Marketing Director

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